Pablo Guido gives worksop on indexes

Profesor Pablo Guido, while addresing the workshop participants

In order to know the effects of the different institutional frames on the economy in different countries and regions, the Henry Hazlitt Center of Universidad Francisco Marroquín offers a workshop on different institutional indexes, moderated by Pablo Guido.

The indexes to be studied are: the
Index of Economic Freedom, from the Heritage Foundation; the
Index of Political Freedom, by Freedom House; the
Index of Competitiveness, World-Wide the Economic Forum; the
Index of Transparency, by Transparency International; and 
Doing Business, by the World Bank.

The workshop is celebrated on May 31st and June 5, 7 and 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 12: p.m., at the classroom EN-503 in the UFM’s School of Business Building.  It is attended by titular and assistant professors of the Henry Hazlitt Center, and guests.

Pablo Guido is a full time professor in the School of Businesses of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.  In addition, he has been professor of Public Finances and Economics at the Catholic University of Rosario, Argentina; associated professor of Economic Policy and Superior Economics, in ESEADE, Argentina; and he is head economist and investigator of the Atlas Foundation, Argentina.  He has a licentiate in Political Science and Economy, by the University of El Salvador, in Argentina and an MBA of ESEADE, in that South American country.  He is also one of the publishers of CHH’s Economic Process

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