Rodrigo Rey Rosa at the von Mises Library

Rodrigo Rey Rosa, center, with the members of UFM’s reading club
Photos by Adelaida Loukota

In order to discuss his works Caballeriza and Noche de piedras, the Guatemalan author Rodrigo Rey Rosa visited the Reading Club of the Ludwig von Mises Library, of Universidad Francisco Marroquín last May 30th.

«The group questioned the truth of some stories. Rey Rosa answered that they are fiction and that, although they are based on reality and anecdotes, they are imaginary facts», related Adelaida Loukota, coordinator of the
reading clubs of the von Mises Library.

«Rodrigo deepened a little in the stories characters and how he constructed them. He said that he didnt liked to just make a character,  he likes that his characters seem real, for that reason he dedicates a long time to think like his characters», explained Loukota.

During the session, the author also signed the books of the club members.

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